Energy efficiency

Energy saving is to use energy efficiently without any reduction in production, comfort and labor. The same job is to use less energy. 82% of our energy consumption is used for heating. These losses can be reduced by taking thermal insulation measures. It is possible to save fuel from 25% to 50% with the insulation of the buildings.

Why should we use energy efficiently?

  • As a result of excessive use of energy;
  • Natural resources are rapidly depleted.
  • The environment is polluted.

The Importance of Outdoor Shading System in Energy Efficiency ...

Facade shading systems are an effective way to reduce the heat entering into buildings and keep a house cool in summer with light from windows. They provide much better thermal insulation compared to the window coverings (inside curtains) in the structures. Exterior shading provides energy efficiency of 70-85% in thermal insulation, and internal coatings can reduce heat gains by only 15%. Shading systems should allow ventilation outside the window.